Department of Psychology

University of Mississippi

Graduate Students

Graduate Students in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program

Dr. Karen Christoff

Joseph Magness

Dr. Lee Cohen

Victoria A. Torres

Dr. Laura Dixon: Health and Anxiety Research and Treatment (HART) Lab

Gina Q. Boullion

Megan Perry

Sara Witcraft

Dr. Alan Gross

Amy Beel

Shilpa Boppana

Marie Darden

Anandi Ehman

Lavina Y. Ho

Curtis Hooks

Yolanda Rodriguez

Dr. Laura Johnson

Tanja Seifen-Adkins

Christian Courson

Rachel Marsh

Sukhmani Pal

Enoch Sackey

Dr. Danielle Maack: ADEPT Lab (Anxiety, Depression, Emotion, Personality, Temperament)

Alexandra Gilbert

Jennifer A. Petell

Daniel Pineau

Brittany Sapp

Sarah Scott

Brooklee Lightsey Tynes

Molly Wickenhauser

Mimi Zhao

Dr. Stefan Schulenberg: Clinical-Disaster Research Center

Jennifer Ladner-Graham

Alexis Liberto

Jeff Pavlacic

Mathew A. Tkachuck

Lauren Weathers

Marci Weber

Dr. Todd Smitherman: Migraine and Behavioral Health Laboratory

Anna Katherine Black

Joshua D. Hamer

Yelena Johnson

Alex Kuka

Vanessa Moynahan

Ashley Polk

Tracy Protti

Dan Rogers

Dr. Kelly Wilson: Mississippi Center for Contextual Psychology

Yash Bhambhani

Emmie Hebert

Emily Jacobson

A. Solomon Kurz

Dr. John Young: SITH Lab (Scientific Infusion That Helps)

Pete Bishop

Elise Marie Elligett

Kristen Johnson

Adam Sattler

Katelyn Sharpe

Graduate Students in the Experimental Psychology Doctoral Program

Dr. Elicia Lair: Social Cognition Lab

Lauren Jordan

Rubie Peters

Dr. Marilyn Mendolia

Sean O’Brien

Dr. Stephanie Miller: CUB Lab (Cognitions Underlying Behaviors)

Brittany N. Avila

Tonya Vandenbrink

Dr. Matthew Reysen: Memory Lab

Mel Baker

Heather Bliss

Dr. Karen Sabol

Zach Redding

Dr. Rebekah Smith

Donald J. Skinner

Dr. Ken Sufka: Psychopharmacology Lab

Mary Jourdan

Stephen White