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Major Types of Graduate Training Programs in Psychology

Just as there are multiple different subfields within psychology, there are multiple different types of graduate training programs in (and related to) psychology. Your first step in determining which type of graduate school you should be applying to is to determine what career you would like to have (you can explore potential careers at Careers in Psych . Once you determine which career path you would like to pursue, then you will be able to determine whether you need a graduate degree to pursue that career. If you do need a graduate degree, you will also be able to explore which degree will help you meet your goal best and then you can begin exploring which programs offer that degree, which programs you would like to go to, and finally, you can apply to those programs.

Major Pathways for Graduate Training in Psychology. This video is advice from Elise Elligett and Heather Bliss regarding two of the major pathways for graduate school in psychology (Clinical and Experimental) presented at the 4th Annual UM Conference on Psychological Science.

Information on different pathways if you are interested in providing therapy (i.e., Ph.D, Psy.D., MSW, MFT, LPC)

 Is a doctorate in clinical right for you?     

 Social Work

 Marriage and Family Therapy

 Licensed Professional Counselor 

 Masters in School Psychology

 Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis

Behavior Analyst Certification Board 

Interview with Dr. Karen Kate Kellum about ABA

What do faculty in these programs prefer you to do to prepare for their programs?

 APA approved psychology programs for Clinical, Counseling, School, and Combined Doctoral Programs This website provides information on clinical, counseling, school, and combined doctoral programs which have been accredited by the American Psychological Association. It also provides a searchable database of such programs.

Information on graduate training in other areas within psychology  

Legal and Forensic Psychology Graduate Programs. For information about graduate programs in Psychology and Law, see the American Psychology-Law Society webpage here and their 2017 – 2018 Guide to Graduate Programs in Forensic and Legal Psychology.


Not quite ready for graduate school?

If you are still interested in attending graduate school but are wanting to work first, consider seeking a research assistant position after you graduate. This website compiles many postbaccalaureate research assistant job opportunities in clinical psychology.

This document is updated with information your psychology faculty members receive about professional development opportunities, including positions.