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Dr. Schulenberg

Dr. Schulenberg

Stefan E. Schulenberg (Ph.D., Clinical Psychology-Clinical/Disaster Specialty Track, University of South Dakota, 2001) is a licensed psychologist in the state of Mississippi and a Logotherapy Diplomate. Dr. Schulenberg is an Associate Professor in the University of Mississippi’s Psychology Department, where he serves as the Executive Director of the Clinical Disaster Research Center.

Dr. Schulenberg teaches graduate courses in cognitive and personality assessment and undergraduate courses in psychology and law, abnormal psychology, disasters and mental health, and tests and measurements. His research interests include meaning/purpose in life, positive psychology, clinical/disaster psychology, psychological assessment, serious mental illness, and adolescent psychopathology in the legal context.

Dr. Schulenberg co-organizes Out of the Darkness community walks with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and serves as a disaster mental health volunteer in the American Red Cross. He was a mental health consultant on a National Science Foundation research grant issued in response to Hurricane Katrina, and currently conducts evaluation research funded by the Mississippi Department of Mental Health relating to the effects of the Gulf Oil Spill.