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Department of Psychology
University of Mississippi

Alternative Options to Sona Research Credits

You may elect to write a 2 page summary of a research article (to earn 3 points). If you are not able to participate in any research project (for example, you are not yet 18 or busy with work), you can complete Option 2 twice, to earn all 5 points. For Option 2, choose an article of interest to you (on any psychology related topic) from a professional psychology journal by doing a computer search on psycINFO.

• Get on website.
• Click on Libraries.
• Under Research Tools, Click on Database Search.
• Click on the “P”, then select PsycINFO.
• At the top of the screen, type in your search topic in the box.
• Refine your search by clicking on the Linked Full Text, under Publication Type, select All Journals, and click on the box that selects “English” as the language.
• Click on Search.
• From the search results, look for only those peer reviewed journal articles that report on formal research studies (that have subjects in an experiment). Book Reviews or Letters to the Editor do not count as research studies.
• To print an abstract (summary) of the study, click on the title. Print 5 abstracts as port of this assignment.
• To print an article, click on Linked Full Text. Print out the article you plan to summarize, and hand it in with your written summary.
• To earn 3 points, you must print out 5 abstracts of actual studies, print your chosen full text journal article, and write a brief summary of the major sections of the article, results in a 2 page paper.
• If you fail to follow instructions, you will not earn the full 3 points for this option.