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Department of Psychology

University of Mississippi

Clinical Training Program Research Team

A number of research team members are graduate students in the Clinical Training Program in the Department of Psychology at The University of Mississippi. Graduate students are typically involved in a variety of projects, including theses, dissertations, literature reviews, movie reviews, and journal columns.

Bethany Aiena
Lamar University 2011 – BS Psychology
Research Interests: Clinical/Disaster Psychology, Anxiety, Meaning in Life

Brandy Baczwaski
Minnesota State University, Mankato – MA 2008
Research Interests: Suicidality, Clinical/Disaster Psychology, Resilience, Meaning in Life

Stephanie (Stevie) Wood Campbell
University of Arkansas 2005 – BA Psychology
Research Interests: Assessment, ADHD, Neuropsychology, Disaster Psychology, Logotherapy

Kwoneathia Hill
University of Alabama 2003 – BS
Research Interests: Child Aggression, Social Interactions, Learning and Study Skills, Life Meaning/Purpose, Parenting

Jennifer Ladner
University of Southern Mississippi 2008 – BS Psychology
Research Interests: Forensic Psychology, Logotherapy, Addictions

Vanessa Moynahan
University of Washington 2008 – BS Psychology
Research Interests: PTSD, Clinical/Disaster Psychology, Anxiety

Joshua Hamer
University of Mississippi 2011 – BA Psychology
Research Interests: Health Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Positive Psychology, Assessment

Several research team members are undergraduate students majoring in psychology at The University of Mississippi. Undergraduate psychology students enrolled at The University of Mississippi who are interested in working on Dr. Schulenberg’s research team may be eligible to register for PSY 405 or PSY 420. Students are expected to attend weekly lab meetings (anticipated at about 1 hour per week), and to put in an additional 6 hours in the laboratory (e.g., collecting data, entering/double-checking data, pulling articles, conducting literature searches, reading/discussing articles, developing posters). A grade of an A or a B in PSY 317 (Tests and Measurement), a 3.0 or higher overall GPA, and consent of instructor are required. Interested prospective students may contact Dr. Schulenberg at for further information.

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