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Department of Psychology

University of Mississippi

How to complete degree application 

  1. Obtain a Degree Application from the College of Liberal Arts in Ventress Hall
  2. Download and print your unofficial transcript from myOleMiss. If you have transfer credits, download and print a copy of your Transfer Equivalency Report as well.
  3. Get a black pen. If you have any transfer credits, also get a red pen.
  4. Watch this video (link to video “Degree Application” video on YouTube and complete your application using the appropriate pen(s).
  5. Bring your completed application to your advisor with your unofficial transcript (and transfer equivalency report if relevant) attached to it with a paperclip.
  6. Once your advisor and the Chair of the Psychology Department have signed off on your application (wait 2 – 3 days for this to happen), pick it up from the main office of the Psychology Department (Peabody 207) and bring it to the College of Liberal Arts in Ventress Hall.


Diploma application In addition to declaring that you intend to graduate with a B.A. in Psychology by completing your degree application, you will then need to complete a Diploma application to declare you are actually planning on graduating at the end of a specified semester.

As stated on “A candidate for graduation must submit an application for a diploma to the registrar on or before the deadline for the application for diploma, as stated in the Academic Calendar. Application is made for graduation at a specified time; if a student fails to graduate at that time, he or she must submit another application to be considered for graduation at a later date.” At this point in time, you will go to  and answer the questions prior to  the application for tyour diploma being processed.