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Department of Psychology

University of Mississippi

Danielle J. Maack

Danielle J. Maack
Clinical Faculty
Associate Professor of Psychology
310E Peabody
(662) 915-1927

Ph. D., University of Wyoming, 2010
M.S., University of Wyoming, 2006
B.S., B.A., Kent State University, 1999

Dr. Maack’s research interest broadly speaking are related to individual differences related to psychopathology (see her lab website). More specifically, she is interested in the emotion of disgust and how this impacts psychopathology, emotophobia (specific phobia of vomiting) and how individual differences in such variable may manifest and change across pregnancy.

Research Areas:

  • Disgust and anxiety disorders
  • Emetophobia
  • Vomiting and disgust throughout pregnancy

Research Link

Dr. Maack plans to accept a graduate student for 2020-2021 academic year.

Courses Taught:
PSY 311: Abnormal Psychology
PSY 308: Industrial Organizational Psychology
PSY 625: Clinical Practicum (graduate)
PSY 611: Personality Assessment (graduate)
Integrated Behavioral Couple Therapy