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Department of Psychology
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Post-Graduation Research Positions

Research jobs in psychology are often difficult to find and not well-publicized. This website is meant to provide a simple, centralized list of the websites and email listservs where these positions are typically posted. While several of the links below list post-doctoral, faculty, and other “advanced” job openings, this website is intended to primarily serve undergraduates and recent graduates looking to embark on or explore a career in research. These positions typically (but not always) appear online around early or mid-spring with summer start dates, last 1-2 years, and serve as excellent preparation for graduate programs as well as other psychology-related career paths.

Guides and programs to help you apply to post-graduation research positions

Job Boards

General Job Boards

University-affiliated Job Boards

Organization Job Boards

Listservs (email groups with occasional job listings)

Other Resources

Funding opportunities

Summer research opportunities for undergraduates

General tips and strategies

Cold emails

  • Many post-bacc research positions are never posted at all, so it is likely necessary to cold email faculty whose research interests you. In fact, this is often the single most fruitful strategy for landing a job interview.
  • These emails should be short (3-5 sentences), polite, personalized, demonstrate that you have read their work, and include your CV.
  • Create a spreadsheet to track your cold emails, and follow up once more with the faculty member or their lab manager after 1-2 weeks if you have not received a reply.


  • Professors often advertise their open lab positions (and retweet others!) from their personal and/or lab accounts

Mentorship Help

  • If you are fortunate to have faculty and/or graduate student mentors, schedule meetings with them to discuss your research interests and career goals. Ask them to keep an eye out for job openings!

University resources

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