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Department of Psychology
University of Mississippi

Reasons for Minors

Reasons for Minors: When considering what minor to choose it is important to note there are many reasons to choose a minor. Here are at least five of those reasons: (1) You may choose a minor because it is in an area you are passionate about and would like to take classes at the collegiate level in. (2) You may also choose a minor because it will assist you to obtain the job you desire or to get into the graduate or professional school you want to get into. (3) You may also choose a minor because it is an area of scholarship you find interesting and fun and want to take classes in even if it does not directly relate to your future career plans. (4) You may also choose a minor because it will provide you with a skill that will be beneficial personally or professionally later on in life. (5) You may also choose a minor to expand your knowledge in an area you do not know a lot about.

A great place to start when considering potential minors is the list of approved minors in the College of Liberal Arts found here.


Approved Minors Psychology majors must complete a minor that is approved by the College of Liberal Arts.


How do I declare or change my minor? Log into your MyOleMiss account. Click on the Academics tab. Click on the Change Specialization and Minors link. Complete the required fields.


Can I have two minors? Yes. If you have the ability to complete the required courses for your General Education, Psychology major, and both minors within the time you are here, you can absolutely have two minors. It will take some planning to make sure you complete all requirements, but it can be done.