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VIDEO: Bethany Aiena, doctoral student

Years from now when I look back at Ole Miss and what it means to me … anything I’ve learned as a clinician, anything I’ve learned as a researcher, I’ve learned from Ole Miss.—Bethany Aiena

Bethany Aiena

Bethany Aiena

Mental Health Impact of Gulf Oil Spill
The University of Mississippi Clinical Disaster Research Center plays a vital role in studying and addressing mental health issues related to natural disasters.

The negative and long-lasting effects following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill are being used to research ways to offer support for others who experience the effects of environmental disasters. After the oil spill, University of Mississippi faculty and students initiated research to understand the mental health impacts along the coast. The team was surprised to find large differences in the way many people cope with disasters and published some of that research nationally. The research is part of work being conducted by the Clinical Disaster Research Center at UM and plays a vital role with respect to disaster preparedness, response and recovery efforts, focusing on mental health.

Bethany Aiena explains how her involvement in research as a student helped her achieve success in her field.