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Department of Psychology

University of Mississippi

About Us


Psychology is an excellent major to prepare students for a wide variety of potential career paths including psychology, medicine, law, and public service jobs, as well as other careers where an understanding of human behavior and motivation is valuable, including careers in business, marketing, and human resources. The Psychology Department at the University of Mississippi has a number of unique strengths that set us apart from other programs.


Outstanding Faculty
The faculty in psychology come from the finest universities across the U.S. They are nationally competitive in their teaching and research endeavors and represent a diverse community of scholars. The majority of our classes are taught by these faculty, with several having received teaching awards, rather than by graduate students. The class sizes, particularly for the upper division electives and honors courses, are also relatively small compared to many large state universities, allowing for more engagement and interaction with faculty.

Outstanding Programs
The undergraduate program provides excellent training as part of a liberal arts education and for students wishing to attend graduate school in psychology. The presence of the graduate programs in CLINICAL and EXPERIMENTAL psychology insures that the undergraduate program is supported with high-level expertise.

Dedicated People
The psychology program is small enough that the department chair, faculty and staff can provide individual attention to the needs of psychology majors. It is also large enough that they can provide the scope and diversity of training so important in today’s complex world.

Beyond the Classroom
Students have opportunities beyond the usual classes such as PSI CHI, the national organization for students in psychology and internship opportunities with local agencies such as the Regional Center for children with special needs. Some students work with faculty on research projects. Students also have the opportunity to gain experience working with faculty on cutting edge research while earning credit towards their degree.

Career Options
Psychology overlaps with almost every vocational field. With other liberal arts training, it is a good foundation for almost any career that is complimented by a knowledge of human behavior. Our undergraduate curriculum provides students with the flexibility to explore a range of specializations, from clinical psychology to neuroscience, in a program of study that can be tailored to fit the individual student’s particular interests or career plans. With a positive record of success in preparing students for and placing students in graduate and professional degree programs, students interested in graduate school will find that the program provides the preparation needed to be competitive in this professional area.


The Campus
The University of Mississippi campus is one of the most beautiful in the U.S. Come see for yourself and enjoy the azaleas blooming in the spring and the magnolias all year round. Just changing classes is an aesthetic experience!

Campus Life
200 special-interest organizations invite you to participate. Enjoy theaterfitness centers, chapel, art galleries, the student union, benches in quiet places, Internet access in every dorm room, cable TV, and thousands of others looking for a date on Friday night. Oh yes, and music, music, music.

Yes, there are students like you at the University of Mississippi: honors students, average students, shy students, foreign students, gay students, artistic students, ambitious students, students from the Delta, students from California, religious students, and students wanting to take in all that life has to offer.  It’s a great place to get to know others and yourself. Click here for more information.

Football, basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer, track, cheerleading, fencing, volleyball, swimming, whiffle ball, frisbee golf—you get the point. Participate or just watch. Join in the fun of tailgaiting before the game or watching your friends take on their friends in intramural sports.


Entertainment and Leisure
Restaurants, bands, bookstores, movies, boating on Sardis Lake, hiking, biking and a wonderful playground for children. Graceland is an hour away and New Orleans is a half-day drive. If you get bored at the University of Mississippi, it’s your own fault.

The Community
Oxford is consistently on lists of the most pleasant places to live in the U.S. It is a beautiful, friendly, and safe community where students are appreciated. You can sit on a bench with Faulkner, visit one of the most famous independent bookstores, or just enjoy the beautiful square where major motion pictures that re-create the vintage south are shot.