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Department of Psychology

University of Mississippi


An illustration of a circle of hands surrounding a colorful profile of a person's head.Welcome to the Department of Psychology!


Why is Psychology a good major?

Psychology is an excellent major for a wide variety of career paths, even if you’re not planning on pursing a graduate degree in the field. These include healthcare, law, and public service jobs, as well as other careers where an understanding of human behavior and motivation is valuable, such as business, marketing, and human resources. In fact, most undergraduate psychology majors from UM work in business and finance. See below for the unique aspects of studying psychology at UM.


  • Our major is very flexible for students to select upper division courses suited to their interests and goals

Unique opportunities

  • We offer students chances to join department clubs, do research, work in internships, and study abroad. At many universities, undergraduates are taught by graduate students but the majority of our undergraduate course are taught by expert faculty. Additional special opportunities include:
    • Teaching Internships:
      • Assist a professor in a class and gain real-life experience in what it’s like to be a college teacher.  This is a great opportunity for students going on to graduate school. Students earn academic credit for teaching internships.
    • Community Internships:
      • Students work closely with the internship coordinator who helps supervise and guide them as they gain hands-on experience in local and regional communities and ready themselves for graduate school or careers in community-based organizations.  Students earn academic credit for community internships.
      • Community-based organizations that have provided internships for students include:
        • NMRC
        • Boys and Girls Club
        • Hermitage Gardens
        • Leap Frog
        • Autism Center of Tupelo

Outstanding Teachers

  • Our faculty have won awards from national and international teaching societies. Multiple faculty have also been honored for their contributions to student learning by the university and college. In addition, several faculty regularly publish in teaching journals, contributing to the learning at universities across the country.

World class researchers

  • Our faculty come from the top universities across the country and around the world. They publish ground-breaking research in prestigious journals and receive funding from the National Institutes of Health and other government agencies.