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Department of Psychology
University of Mississippi


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Welcome to the Department of Psychology!

Dr. Dowling teaching a Clinical psychology class.

Clinical psychology class.

Have you ever noticed what someone says or does—and want to know why?  That’s psychology.

Have you ever wondered why you think and feel the ways you do? That’s also psychology. Psychology is a field that studies behavior, mental activities, and the biological processes that underlie them.  Psychologists apply the scientific method to understand many different topics, such as, the brain, development, social interactions, personality, psychopathology, and cognition.


Our program houses the undergraduate program as well as two Ph.D. programs: one in clinical and the other in experimental.  As a result, there is a wide range of research areas and specializations in our department—and our classes are taught by professors who are doing research in those areas, including anxiety, memory, executive functioning, sexuality, prejudice, developmental, the impacts of drugs, and more.


Student conducting research.

Student participating in a experimental psychology class.

Our professors are experts in the areas of clinical psychology, health psychology, behavioral neuroscience, cognitive psychology (including cognitive developmental), and social psychology. They are dedicated teachers, researchers, and mentors. Undergraduate students get a chance to work in research labs and be on the front lines of innovation and discovery in psychology, a rapidly growing field.

Our undergraduate program provides a solid foundation in critical thinking and writing, analysis of data, and other analytical skills that prepare students for careers, graduate programs in psychology, and further study in related fields (such as the health professions).

Career Opportunities

Psychology is an excellent major for a wide variety of potential career paths including healthcare, law, and public service jobs, as well as other careers where an understanding of human behavior and motivation is valuable, like business, marketing, and human resources. In fact, most undergraduate psychology majors work in business and finance after graduation.

Come be a part of our community!