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Department of Psychology
University of Mississippi


Welcome Psychology Majors!
We hope you find the resources here helpful as you work towards your goals at the University of Mississippi!

Academic Advising

Information for all psychology students

Whether you are planning on going to graduate school or pursing another career, we support every student in their career choices.  We have advisors who will work with you on your undergraduate schedules to make sure that you are taking the classes that will help you achieve your goals after you graduate.

Bachelor’s Degree Requirements for Psychology Majors

Advice to help you succeed as an undergraduate student

Resources and information for if you are struggling

Information for students in the College of Liberal Arts

Unique experiences

Tentative courses to be offered Fall 2020 – Spring 2023

Potential course outlines/pathways within the major for common career goals


Careers with an undergraduate degree in psychology (and beyond)

Preparing for a career as an undergraduate 

Potential graduate school types

Preparing for graduate school

Applying to graduate school (and other forms of postsecondary education)

Registering for classes


Campus wide resources

Academic Support Programs

Veterans and Military Services


Information by student type (year, Honors, Transfer)

Resources for freshmen

Resources for sophomores

Resources for juniors 

Resources for seniors

Information for Honors students 

Information for Transfer students 

Useful books from our faculty

The A Game by Dr. Ken Sufka

Getting in, Getting out, and Getting on with Your Life: The Complete Cynics’ Series To and Through Graduate Education in Clinical Psychology Book 1 

 Getting In (Volume 1) by Dr. John Young