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Department of Psychology
University of Mississippi

Graduate Program in Experimental Psychology

Graduate Program in Experimental Psychology

The University of Mississippi Graduate Program in Experimental Psychology provides the rigorous and supportive scientific training that prepares graduates for outstanding careers in a broad spectrum of established and emerging fields. From academic careers in teaching and research, to careers in health sciences, research/medical administration, drug development and beyond, graduates of the program are experts in applying the scientific method to psychology problems. Specific programs of study leading to the doctoral degree include behavioral neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and social psychology.

The Experimental Psychology program offers…

An individualized, career-oriented course of study:

A close apprentice relationship with a major professor for mentorship in research, teaching, and career development.

Immediate career development through research leading to publication and conference participation.

Breadth of knowledge and experience:

Scientific programs of study in behavioral neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and social psychology.

Interdisciplinary opportunities in collaboration with the University’s Program in Clinical Psychology, Research Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Business Administration, other departments, and national research centers on the campus.

Opportunities to work with service institutes in the surrounding region, including the North Mississippi Regional Center in Oxford.

Research achievement:

Develop expertise in methodological, statistical, and technical experimental approaches.

Communicate with both professional and broad audiences important findings.

Specialized research opportunities in conjunction with major grants from the National Institute of Mental Health, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the Office of Naval Research, and the U.S. Department of Education.

Teaching excellence:

Pedagogical training and mentorship

Teaching assistantships for classroom and laboratory instruction.

Financial Support:

Funding opportunities include departmental research and teaching assistantships and Graduate School Honors Fellowships, Minority Fellowships, and Dissertation Fellowships. Students are guaranteed for five years.


All application materials are due by December 1. Admissions information is available online or you may request additional information by contacting us via e-mail or via mail.

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Experimental Psychology Policies and Procedures Manual

For information on how to apply, see Application Information

Experimental Policies and Procedures Manual

Application Information