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Dyamon Brown

Headshot of Dyamon Brown.

Dyamon has been a McNair Scholar and conducted psychology research on a variety of topics, including bulimia and migraine headaches. Her internship at Synapse, an outpatient care facility in Atlanta that focuses on neuroplasticity, helped confirm her career choice to help people cope with emotional challenges.


Why did you choose to major in psychology at UM?
As a freshman, I realized how important mental health was and the importance of keeping a healthy state of mind and so I knew I wanted to help others in their journey to beginning, or maintaining, positive mental health as they take on challenges within their life.  The psychology department gives many opportunities for students to explore their individual interests in the field. My passion is clinical psychology.

Has UM provided any leadership opportunities?
I currently serve as a peer leader for the Luckyday success program and in the past, I have served as a MOST mentor, UM Connect mentor, and an iTeam leader. All these programs are designed to provide guidance to students as they prepare and arrive to campus so they are able to have the best college experience possible.

Is there a professor who has inspired you?
I work in the Migraine and Behavioral Health Laboratory of Professor Todd Smitherman, researching the relationships between stressors, migraine, and physical activity; social isolation and pain perception. I’ve learned a lot from him about what is involved to be a great researcher.

What are your career aspirations?
I want to be someone who is able to help those who are mentally struggling in their day to day lives.

Go-to meal in Oxford?
Chicken and sausage gumbo from Obys!

What are you binge watching?
How to Get Away with Murder, All American, and Money Heist.

LeMarcus (Tre) Echoles

LeMarcus Echoles

A psychology major with a neuroscience minor, Tre is fascinated by the workings of the brain. He balances theory and practice by being a neuroscience lab researcher as well as a community assistant in residence halls, where he builds a “peaceful and loving community,” by teaching conflict resolution skills. A student in the Sally McDonnell Honors College, he embodies the ideals of that organization both in and out of the classroom.


Why did you decide to study psychology?
I was originally a political science major, but I fell in love with psychology after taking a class. The neuroscience minor supports my goal of becoming a neurophysiologist. I got interested in this because my uncle has brain damage, and I was always interested in areas of the brain. My professors are very welcoming, and they keep the subject really interesting across a variety of classes.

Why study psychology at UM?
This is a great major with a large variety of areas to study and many opportunities to do research. It is a science as well as a social science. You have the same research experience as other areas of science, including biology and chemistry. I’ve done study on birds and using sex hormones help them recover from brain injuries in the cerebellum. I’m also working on an Honors College thesis about young children’s interactions with technology.

What organizations are you involved with outside the classroom?
I’m a member of Men of Excellence, a community service-based organization that works to foster educationally enriched programs and support high standards of personal and academic achievement among its members. I also belong to the Psychology Club and Ole Miss Esports. We do a lot of gaming competitions with other schools, and it’s a good way to meet really nice people from across the campus.

What’s your go-to place to eat in Oxford?
Most definitely, Cookout. It’s one of the cheapest fast food places in Oxford that is open until really late.

What are you binge watching?
My most recent binge watch was All American. If you’re a football lover or even a sports lover, then the show is a definite must see.