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Department of Psychology
University of Mississippi

Colloquium: Dr. Michael Perez

Hegemonic Forgiveness: An Investigation of Normative Expectations of Black Forgiveness  In 2015, in an act of racist violence, Dylann Roof shot and killed 9 members of a predominantly Black church in Charleston, South Carolina. However, in an act of moral strength, members of the congregation came together and forgave Roof for his act of racial […]

Colloquium: Dr. Caitlin Porter

Should I reach up? Gender differences in benefiting from higher-ranking professional contacts Higher-ranking contacts are theorized to be advantageous professional connections who facilitate work and career success. However, empirical evidence regarding whether having these connections yields benefits is mixed, raising the question: Who benefits from higher-ranking contacts at work? Integrating gender role and social network […]

Colloquium: Dr. Kelly Romano

Applying a Mind-Body Perspective to the Examination of Eating Disorder Symptoms and Related Health Experiences  

Colloquium: Dr. Laura Drislane

A Biobehavioral-Trait Approach to Understanding Psychopathy  

Colloquium: Dr. Alice Coyne

Optimizing Patient Outcomes by Uncovering How, for Whom, and When Delivered by Whom Psychotherapy Works  

Colloquium: Dr. Qimin Liu

Feelings Are Complicated: Affective Heterogeneity in Psychopathology