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Department of Psychology
University of Mississippi

Todd Smitherman

Todd Smitherman
Clinical Faculty
Professor of Psychology and Director of Clinical Training
310D Peabody
(662) 915-1825

Ph.D., Auburn University, 2006
M.S., Auburn University, 2002
B.A., Samford University 2000

Dr. Smitherman’s research focuses on understanding the role of psychological factors in chronic medical conditions and physical health. The bulk of his work focuses on migraine and other headache disorders, investigating1) psychiatric comorbidities (anxiety, depression, insomnia), 2) behavioral interventions for reducing pain and disability, 3) avoidance behaviors, 4) behavioral triggers of headache attacks (eg, poor sleep, missed meals, stress), and 5) other psychological constructs (eg, fear of pain, anxiety sensitivity). Recent work in his lab has explored the efficacy of behavioral insomnia treatment for reducing chronic migraine, differences in physical activity between individuals with and without migraine, and the role of pain acceptance and psychological flexibility in functional impairment. Though most of his research focuses on migraine and chronic pain, he also has interests in insomnia, obesity, and physical activity.

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Research Areas:

  • Health psychology and behavioral medicine
  • Migraine and other chronic headache disorders (behavioral treatments and psychological variables)
  • Anxiety and other psychiatric comorbidities in headache
  • Effects of stress on health behaviors and medical conditions
  • Chronic pain
  • Insomnia
  • Obesity

Dr. Smitherman plans to accept a graduate student for the 2024-2025 academic year.

Courses Taught:
PSY 201: General Psychology
PSY 309: Learning
PSY 311: Integrative Approaches to Psychopathology
PSY 410: Health Psychology
PSY 601: Seminar: Assessment and Treatment of Anxiety Disorders (Graduate)
PSY 725: Clinical Practicum (Graduate)
PSY 641: Ethics and Professional Standards of Clinical Psychology (Graduate)
PSY 721: Seminar: Clinical Health Psychology (Graduate)
PSY 721: Seminar: Scientific Writing (Graduate)
PSY 748: Research Design (Graduate)