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Department of Psychology
University of Mississippi

Speaker Series

Conceptualization and Treatment of Perpetration-Based Guilt and Shame

Matt J Gray, PhD

Speaker Series: Friday, October 13th at 4-5pm in Peabody 206

(Ole Miss PhD 2000)

Professor of Psychology

University of Wyoming


Cognitive behavioral interventions for trauma primarily focus on victims and they generally target erroneous or misplaced guilt, shame and related cognitions. Functionally impairing guilt and shame can also result from perpetration events (e.g., fatality caused by texting and driving, killing of civilians in combat) and the resulting appraisals are often well placed and rational.  Interventions for such presentations have been historically underdeveloped and understudied. This presentation will focus on the conceptualization and treatment of moral injury (MI).  In addition to describing the phenomenology and etiology of MI, a relatively new treatment for such presentations – Adaptive Disclosure – will be presented and discussed and treatment-outcome data will be presented.