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Welcome Psychology Majors!

We hope you find the resources here helpful as you work towards your goals at the University of Mississippi!

Dr. Dowling’s Advisees                                                Dr. Redding’s Advisees

*Freshman students are advised by Mariana Rangel in the Center for Student Success and First-Year Experience.

** Freshman students in the FASTrack program are advised by Jackie Certion in FAStrack.

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Information for all psychology students

Bachelor’s Degree Requirements for Psychology Majors

Resources and information for if you are struggling

This page includes Dean of Students link, Resources for Mental Health Concerns, Writing Center, GPA < 2.0, Freshman forgiveness policy, and study advice

Advice to help you succeed as an undergraduate student

This page includes study methods and recommendations for how to contact your professors

Information for students in the College of Liberal Arts

This webpage provides many useful resources for students within the College of Liberal Arts.

Unique experiences

This page includes information about Internships (Psy 401), Study abroad, Research assistantships and Teaching assistantships (Psy 405/Psy 420)

Potential course outlines/pathways within the major for common career goals

Information about minors

This page includes Reasons for a minor, Approved minors, How to declare a minor, and FAQs